Through workshops, coaching, consultation and mentoring, we empower our clients and inspire educational innovation.

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From large scale curriculum development to one-on-one student mentoring, we stay laser-focused on helping students reach their full potential. We have a particular expertise and interest in social emotional learning, best practices in teaching and learning and mental wellness.

School Leaders

School Leaders

CED partners with school leaders to understand issues and develop solutions around school culture, social emotional learning, best practices in teaching and learning and mental wellness for both students and staff.

Collaborative Education Design


CED works with individual teachers or with groups of educators to uncover strengths, recognize areas of growth and develop trainings based on specific learning objectives.



Whether it is understanding the latest research, developing a support network, or looking for academic tutoring that extends into understanding the whole child, CED can assist in developing ways to support your child’s academic, social and emotional well-being.

Collaborative Education Design


Looking for ways to support your own growth? CED creates online courses, resources and support so that you can create your own path to well-being and purpose.

About Us

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but innovation.” Albert Einstein

CED guides clients through a creative design process based on their specific needs. Every partnership begins with asking questions in order to surface issues and understand the variety of factors that, at times, go unnoticed. Then, utilizing the latest research, we work collaboratively with the client to create innovative solutions - together.

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