About Collaborative Education Design

At CED, we understand that a one-size fits all approach can often miss the mark.

The key to our work is guiding our clients to look more deeply at factors that might inhibit a student’s ability to thrive. We work closely with clients to unearth barriers that impede growth within students, classrooms, and organizations. Thoughtful reflection, the latitude to think innovatively and the ability to adapt are essential to our work. While reflection is key, it can not exist alone. We strive to create actionable solutions from the get go. 

Meet Our Founder, Megan Collins

Megan's interest in education began back in high school. As a teaching intern at a local nature center, she found her purpose.

“I loved experiencing the students’ curiosity and interest in nature and guiding students along a path of learning. Through my undergraduate work at the University of Vermont, I continued to pursue training in teaching and focused on experiential and environmental education programs. I then went on to graduate work at Boston College where I worked in more traditional classroom settings.

As a student teacher in Boston Public Schools, I worked with economically disadvantaged students and learned to find ways to engage those students with whom success often felt like an unattainable goal. After receiving my Masters in Education I spent ten years as a classroom teacher working in urban and suburban settings. In addition to my teaching experience, I have also worked as a professional development specialist, a curriculum designer and as a freelance writer.

However, my most rewarding role is that of parent to three children ages 14, 12, and 9. In my spare time I love to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Skiing, hiking, and running are ways I connect to nature and feel most alive.”

Megan Portrait