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Youth Sports Organization

A large youth sports organization hired us to design and implement social-emotional learning in their national after-school programming for over 200,000 youth. Their goal was to create a training workshop for staff around social-emotional learning.

Prior to the workshop, CED spent time meeting with headquarters staff to gauge their knowledge around social-emotional learning and their ideas regarding implementation. Through brief one-on-one interviews, CED met with staff to hear their ideas and perspectives. We reviewed this data, presented our findings and then co-designed a professional development workshop for staff based on their specific needs.

The final result was a four hour immersive workshop for headquarters staff. Participants read and discussed academic articles on social-emotional learning, worked on a series of hands-on activities and then developed a working statement around their vision of social emotional learning for their targeted youth group. CED then conducted a post-workshop analysis to create recommended next steps.

  • “I liked the interactive nature – both partner and group work and interesting ways to think about this topic.”
  • “This was a very useful structure and the instruction was great!”
  • “I liked learning what teachers are implementing and how it can transfer to our work with youth.’

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